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 Cinema therapy uses the experience of getting lost in a film as a means to examine and experience themes and roles as part of individual psychotherapy.

Welcome to Our Practice


We provide a place to reflect upon your circumstance 

and find a way for your radiance to shine through.

Eating disorders 

care and positive body image 


Bariatric Assessments

Coping with chronic illness and finding meaningful living.


Alpha-Stim Trained

Helping couples find shared meaning through good times and other times.

Gottman Level 2 Certified


After 25 years in practice I have learned that growing and adapting to life’s challenges happens all around us every day.  Sometimes we get stuck and that’s when its time to get some expert help.


I work with individuals to find the right solution to improve their lives.  Techniques include Cognitive-Behavioral, Humanistic and Gottman therapies. Care is trauma-informed



Light Up

for Eating Disorders